I do not believe in fatherhood. There is no such instinct in nature. Males, follow their unbeatable need to mate, they just go for it, do the act, and then nature takes its course; the same way that a bee tries to feed from a flower and then transfers the seed on its back without having any clue of what its going on. Continue reading

The last Samurai

Otoya Yamaguchi (22 February 1943 – 2 November 1960)

On October 12, 1960, the 17year old Otoya Yamaguchi assassinated Inejiro Asanuma, head of the Japan Socialist Party, during a televised political debate for the coming elections for the House of Representatives. While Asanuma spoke from the lectern at Tokyo’s Hibiya Hall, Yamaguchi rushed onstage and pierced Asanuma twice with a 33cm yoroi-dōshi (a traditional samurai sword) through his ribs and abdomen. Asanuma died before he reach the hospital.

Otoya Yamaguchi hung in his cell, while being held in a juvenile detention facility, some days later, on November 2.