I do not believe in fatherhood. There is no such instinct in nature. Males, follow their unbeatable need to mate, they just go for it, do the act, and then nature takes its course; the same way that a bee tries to feed from a flower and then transfers the seed on its back without having any clue of what its going on.

A female mammal, on the other hand, could not avoid the fact that the new creation is hers. The process that she had to go through has created an unimaginable deep connection, and she has been given the tools and the responsibility to feed and protect the newborn baby, embedded within her instincts. In nature those instincts last only as the mother doing her duty acting as such. Then, gradually, as the children getting into life, she is released.

We, humans, can not grasp this function. We are creating our kind of love, based on our understanding, which is based on consciousness and it needs to last for ever, but in almost all times, it is ulterior motive based on profit. That, do not applies to human mothers that they creating feelings to their children based on their natural instincts.
The male mammal lacks such instincts. It has other ones, of course, like to sacrifice his life to protect the entire herd, but this is the topic of an other article.
So in my opinion, trying to compare the relation to the children of the two genders is not possible.

In a human world we have significantly distanced ourselves from nature due to our ability to think and use science. We are able to understand first hand things like how a new born baby comes into the world from an embryo but even so, we are not able to ensure the paternity before we reached the DNA stage of knowledge.

Today is “Father’s day” and normally this article should be more suited for mother’s day, but ironically I have been raised in a family where our father gave us an unconditional love, to such extent that was kept pure even in the hardest situations, wile our mother was struggling her entire life trapped in her insecurities.

So, today, I light a candle for my Father, that literally died for us, and I wish “happy father’s day” to all other males that they succeed to grasp even the least amount of 1/1000 of what the mother instinct could mean.

Nea Smyrni 21 June 2020